Brand Name
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  • There's a good reason you are here.

    The world has changed in ways we never imagined it could.

    And those changes have had a dramatic impact on your life and livelihood.

    Of course, there is a chance you could stumble into a great new job.

    It is possible.

    It’s more likely that you’re going to need a plan of action to get things back on track.

    That’s our specialty.

    We work with you to develop a plan to deal with these new challenges and equip you for this changing world.

    We’ll introduce you to a no nonsense, straight talking approach to managing your career to help you get things back on track.

    If you’re ready to make a start, let’s start.

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  • Good things come to those who wait want it.

    It's important to take a breath.

    But it's equally as important to get on with things.

    So, we'd like to introduce you to an incredibly smart career management tool that will really get things moving.

    You can discover unique job-hunting tools, meet with inspiring coaches, be invited to helpful workshops, and have the opportunity to develop new career enhancing skills.

    Together, we can create the best resume for you, that you have ever read. And we don't dictate which services and tools to use.

    You will have choices. You will have control.

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  • Selling the brand called You.

    Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.

    A big part of what we do is work with you to highlight your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Along the way, we may even uncover some talents you didn't know you had.

    That's our job; to help you identify the things that make you, unique. All the stuff that makes you a great fit for that next position.

    Then, together, we will find the best way to market the brand called You.

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  • For the next 12 months, we will support you 24/7.

    Our services and tools will be available to you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the next year, to give you the help and support you need, whenever you need it.

    And even if you land that job next month, you can still use our career enhancing resources, for that entire 12 months.

    It gives you the opportunity to fine tune things.

    With a lot of other companies, you might find the clock is always ticking, but we give you time to get things right.

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  • We offer over 80 services. Choose the ones that suit you.

    We know that what suits one person, may not be right for someone else.

    So, we have designed our tools and services to give you choices.

    You'll find tools to help you build a great resume. Some to help you seek out the best jobs. Others that will help you feel better about yourself at a time when your self-confidence might have taken a hit.

    And you’ll have access to some of the best coaches going around.

    There is specialist advice on finance, marketing yourself and self-employment, as well as learning tools to brush up your skills and improve your employability.

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  • So, what makes us different from the other guys?

    Well, there are a few good reasons:

    We offer 12 months of career support as a standard. No one else does that.

    We are part of Australia’s biggest and most effective career management group, so you know you are working with the best.

    Our track record in the Australian market is unmatched. Every year, we help thousands of Australians find their next job.

    We know what it takes to help you get through tough times. During the GFC, we were there, guiding and supporting our clients to find new careers and new direction.

    And we are good at it. That might sound a little boastful, but as Muhammad Ali said, “it ain’t bragging if it’s true.” And we only mention it to let you know you’re in the right place, supported by a very strong team. That’s our promise.

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